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sia 101 (a live infographic)

The Sia decentralized storage network in a nutshell
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Bob wants to store
files on the cloud
Alice has storage
available on her disks
Using the automatic
Sia marketplace,
Bob selects Alice's host
On average, Bob will pay
- SC ($-)
per Terabyte per month
for his data
They sign a contract on the Sia
Blockchain. Right now, there
are - active contracts
on it
At the end, Alice will provide a
cryptographic proof that she still
keeps the data, and will get paid. The
blockchain contains - proofs
so far. Blockchains can't be cheated!
Each of Bob's files is chunked,
encrypted and uploaded redundantly
to 30 hosts like Alice's
Bob's data is kept safe, private and, thanks
to the redundancy, highly available
- hosts like Alice in - countries offer - Petabytes of storage
capacity to the Sia network (see the real map here )
Renters like Bob are storing - Petabytes of total data
Bob can also share with Dave files or
web-apps he created using the
Skynet technology
Bob uploads to Skynet
using his Sia software
or any Skynet Portal
Dave doesn't need to
use the Sia software.
He uses a link to
a Skynet portal
If a Skynet Portal is down, the
same link will work on any of
the - public Portals, or on
a private one Dave spins up
Skynet data is
stored on Sia hosts,
like Alice's
- files are currently stored by Skynet public Portals, making
a total of - Terabytes of files, websites and web-apps ( App store )
Other companies as StoreWise , Filebase and Arzen are
using the Sia network to offer simple storage solutions:
Developers and enterprise
customers, using
enterprise protocols
(as "S3")
Private users
enjoying a
This data is stored
on Sia hosts too,
like Alice's!