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Website: https://mining.luxor.tech/sia
Payout scheme: Pay-Per-Share
Fee: 2% (of which 10% is donated to Sia core devs)
Payout threshold: 200SC
Difficulty: Variable
API: http://api.luxor.tech:8086/api/stats http://api.luxor.tech:8086/api/pool_stats http://api.luxor.tech:8086/api/blocks
Average hashrate (72h): -
Mined blocks (72h): -
Luck (72h): -
Luck (30 days): -
Active workers: -
Payout per hash: -
Total kickback to Sia developers: -
Known payout addresses: cb0e0bc4536efed858614252f09fbe76365cf7201336e779249a654bab1a3bbadc7e68cd4f21
Configuring your ASIC: URL: asia.luxor.tech:3333 / eu.luxor.tech:3333
/ us-west.luxor.tech:3333 / us-east.luxor.tech:3333
Worker: yourSCaddress.anyWorkerName
Password: x

Blocks mined in the last 24 hours
Height Mining pool New contracts New TXs Timestamp