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All the databases of SiaStats.info can be accessed by developers using the following APIs (JSON files). If you are developing an application that will request them frequently, I can gladly tailor an API for your specific needs to limit both your users bandwidth and my own bandwidth's use (combining several databases, limiting them to specific time periods...). Check the "About" section if you need to contact me.

Navigator (blockchain explorer) API
https://siastats.info:3500/navigator-api/hash/:hash Returns the information about any hash (address, Tx, contract...) or block height on the blockchain
https://siastats.info:3500/navigator-api/status Global status and blockchain sync situation of SiaStats nodes
https://siastats.info:3500/navigator-api/raw/:hash Raw data of a hash, as directly provided by the Sia explorer module. Deprecated and not guaranteed to work, use '/hash' instead
https://siastats.info:3500/navigator-api/unspent_outputs/:address List of unspent outputs of an address
https://siastats.info:3500/navigator-api/totalcoins Current coin supply
For a full list of API endpoints and the structure of the response, check the Readme.md of the GitHub repository
Hosts monitor API
https://siastats.info:3510/hosts-api/host/:host_id [GET] Information and detailed SiaStats benchmarks about a host. Uses the SiaStats-hostID
https://siastats.info:3510/hosts-api/allhosts [POST]
{network: 'sia'
list: 'active'}
Summary information and SiaStats final scores of all the hosts in the Sia network
https://siastats.info:3510/hosts-api/get_id/:pubkey [GET] Returns the SiaStats ID for a host public key provided in the format "ed25519:xxx"
Daily-updated databases
dbs/activecontracts.json Active contracts count, size and cost
dbs/activehosts.json Number of active hosts
dbs/bandwidthpricesdb.json Upload and download average prices, in SC and USD
dbs/blockrewarddb.json Real historic block reward + Future estimations
dbs/burn.json Burnt coins (in failed contracts)
dbs/coinsupplydb.json Real historic Coin Supply + Future estimations
dbs/contractsstatus.json Evolution of successful, failed and unused contracts on the network
dbs/currentcentralization.json DB from "Current Centralization" page
dbs/futurecentralization.json DB from "Future Centralization" page
dbs/hoststurnover.json DB from "Hosts Turnover" page
dbs/historiccontracts.json Total historic contracts count, cost and size
dbs/inflationdb.json Real historic Inflation + Future estimations
dbs/miniactivedb.json Active contracts in the last 30 days (chart in the homepage)
dbs/miningdb.json Mining metrics: Hashrate (TH/s), Difficulty (PH) and Block Time (m)
dbs/newcontractsdb.json Newly formed contracts count, cost and size. Both daily and 7 day ("-7d") averages
dbs/poolsdb.json Mining pools: Number of blocks per pool and percentage ("-per")
dbs/sfdb.json Siafunds profitability: Daily, 7day-average daily, monthly and historic
dbs/storage.json Total network storage and used storage
dbs/storagepricesdb.json Average storage pricing a renter would pay, in SC and USD, contract formation fees in SC, and SF fees as % of the allowance
dbs/transactionsdb.json Total historic TXs and Daily TXs
dbs/txfeesdb.json Fees per Tx, Average fees per block, and Total (historical, accumulated) transaction fees
dbs/ussage.json Percentage of network storage used and free
dbs/blockchainsize.json Consensus.db file size (GB), real blockchain size (bytes) and average block size (kB) evolution
dbs/skynet_evo.json Evolution of pinned files and stored data by known public Skynet portals
Real-Time databases
dbs/network_status.json Summary of the network status: latest block, hashrate, difficulty, price, marketcap, used storage, network capacity...
dbs/hostsRTdb.json Hosts number and storage data every 30 minutes during the last 24 hours
dbs/top100.json Average settings of the top 100 hosts (in scoring terms) of the network
dbs/hostscoordinates.json Hosts geolocation, IP, total storage and used storage
dbs/countriesbyhosts.json Number of hosts on each country
dbs/countriesbytotal.json Amount of total storage of the hosts of each country
dbs/countriesbyused.json Amount of hosted data by hosts of each country
dbs/farms_api.json List of hosting farms being tracked by SiaStats, including their member hosts
dbs/farms_evo.json Evolution of the amount of storage held by hosting farms
dbs/auxblock.json Stats of current block
dbs/stats24h.json Block database of the previous 24 hours
dbs/stats72h.json Block database of the previous 72 hours
dbs/blocks/xxxx00_xxxx99.json Full block database, split in segments of 100 blocks. Example: /144000_144099.json
dbs/pools_reported_hashrate.json Hashrates reported by the APIs of each mining pool in the last 72 hours
dbs/pooltable.json Hashrates, blocks and luck of the mining pools in the last 72 hours
dbs/mphblocks.json Blocks mined by MiningPoolHub according to data collection over time from their API
dbs/nanopool_addresses.json All the known addresses used by Nanopool before block 137000
dbs/nanopoolblocks.json Blocks claimed by Nanopool according to their website, after block 137000
dbs/antpoolblocks.json Blocks claimed by Antpool according to their website
dbs/skynet_current.json Current status of known public Skynet portals
Mining pools Luck and other stats
dbs/pools/siamining.json SiaMining
dbs/pools/nanopool.json Nanopool
dbs/pools/mph.json MiningPoolHub
dbs/pools/f2pool.json F2pool
dbs/pools/luxor.json Luxor
dbs/pools/antpool.json AntPool
dbs/pools/toastpool.json ToastPool
dbs/hashratesRT.json Hashrates reported currently by the pools, plus SiaStats estimation of network total