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Charts and metrics for the Sia Network is a non for profit project created by the independent developer Hakkane. The goal of SiaStats is providing the community with free real-time statistics and charts about the Sia network.

Use and sharing of the charts and tables:

You are allowed to snapshot, download, share or use any element of this page on your presentations, blogs, posts, marketing materials, webpages, vouchers and so without any restriction. I just ask you that you either preserve the watermark of the charts or that you indicate the source is "".


While this is a non-profit project, this page incurres in expenses for maintaining the sever and paying for its electricity. If you feel SiaStats is useful for you and you'll like to tip it, please feel free to send a donation to the following Siacoin address. Tipping me is also an encouragement to keep adding new functionalities and develop new projects. Thank you very much for the generous donations I am receiving :-)

SC: bde3467039a6d9a563224330ff7578a027205f1f2738e1e0daf134d8ded1878cf5870c41927d

Alternatively, I also have this BTC address:

BTC: 1HxgGx97HoQx33Ff9bqtJPA2hTTerQCuZr


For questions, inquires or requests the fastest way is contacting me at the official Discord of Sia. My username is @Hakkane.

Alternatively, you can email me at: